A 10 day marketing & planning workshop to kick off your 2019 goals Course Begins December 3, 2018 | taught by Keneshia Raymond & Heidi Thompson

Course description

"2018 is coming to end and now is the time to make your marketing plan work for you! Not you for it!"

This year quickly is coming to a close and engagement season is upon us. You are trying to figure out how to get booked out by January and have no idea where to start. 

You sit down at your computer and try to figure out what worked for you last year and you realize you never really had a plan you just flew by the seat of your pants. Or the plan you had did not give you the results you were hoping for. 

So now you are trying to figure out how to book newly engaged couples, and how to get past clients to refer you to their newly engaged friends. We get it, and yes we understand your pain. 

We have been exactly where you are right now and this is exactly why we created Thrive. We are not here to give you the fluff and sell you a dream. Nope !!!

You need someone to not only tell you what to do, you need someone to show you how to do it. You need a roadmap for your marketing plan and how to implement this is your business. 

Now everyone's business is different and we understand that you may not market to your clients the way we would market to ours. This is why we are breaking down the why and how to help you find your marketing plan.

We are here to ask you the hard questions, to give you the tools you need to plan the next 90 days in your business. 

Marketing & planning is our jam and we want you to come and party with us! 

If this sounds like you, this is a course you don't want to pass up! 

Course Begins December 3, 2018 


In this 10-day Marketing & Planning Workshop

You will get lessons from 2 wedding pros with over 20 years of experience between us in the wedding industry. We have been where you are, we have done the work and now we are teaching how to grow your business. 

" Running a wedding business doesn't have to be difficult or painful " ~ Heidi 

We are excited to have you join us  for our 10-day marketing + planning  workshop 

You'll learn...
  • How to define your why so you have a better understanding of how to approach your marketing.
  • What did & did not work for you in the past & why (so you can ditch what doesn’t work and do more of what does)
  • How to Break down your goals to make them more achievable
  • How to create and implement a marketing strategy
  • How to decide on the best way to spend your time on marketing

You will walk away with 

  • A 90-day action plan that will help you complete your marketing for the rest of 2019  
  • The ability to confidently implement your marketing plan to reach your goals
  • Tips & tricks for content & social media marketing that gets results

Is this what you are looking for? Is this what is missing in your business right now? If so then you are going to want to register now.

We understand the power of education, support, and accountability.

The Thrive 10-day Marketing & Planning workshop includes 

  • 4 training videos with Keneshia or Heidi 
  • Downloadable worksheets 
  • Private group check-ins
  • 2 Office Hours with Heidi or Keneshia 
  • 1 Live wrap up course 

Bonus #1: A free 30-day trial to The Wedding Business Collective (value $67)!

When you join us inside Thrive you'll get access to this trial so you can tap into any of the marketing and business courses you may need to implement your plan. Need to figure out what to post on Instagram? We've got you covered. Want to start running Facebook ads and start email marketing? We'll show you how step-by-step. With $4000 worth of courses, live coaching calls, and accountability in our super-supportive community, you'll be ready to hit the ground running in 2019.

Bonus #2: Boost Your Pinterest in 1 Day Training (value $150)!

When you join us inside Thrive you'll get access to this training that Keneshia has created to show you how to get the most from Pinterest. You'll learn how to use Pinterest to bring people back to your website and generate leads. The best thing about it? You can implement all of it in just 1 day!

Course Begins December 3, 2018 


Keneshia  Raymond &  Heidi Thompson
Keneshia Raymond & Heidi Thompson
Marketing Strategist

I’m Heidi Thompson and I help wedding professionals just like you grow their wedding businesses without going crazy in the process. (Imagine that)

I’m a business strategist and marketing geek but you won’t find any overcomplicated marketing gobbledygook around here.

If you need a wedding business strategist who is going to give it to you straight and uncomplicate the mess of marketing and business advice coming at you, I’m your woman.

Hi I'm Keneshia I work with wedding creatives to grow, launch and create the perfect business & marketing strategy in their business. 

I have a firm belief that everything in life and in your business starts whit your why. I am a wed-tech nerd to my core and love working with creatives to see them shin in their business.

I know running a business is not easy but I firmly now that with the right tools we can all kick butt and take names.